Stessa's dashboards work best when fed by a sufficient amount of accurate data. That's why a padlock may appear on your Property and/or Portfolio Cash Flow calculation if you've just recently added a new Property.

Enter Income & Expenses

To unlock the Cash Flow calculation, you'll need to enter:

1. One or more income source on your Leases & Tenants page:

2. At least four (4) budgeted expenses under "Pro Forma" on your "Monthly Expenses" card on the Property Details page:

If some line items don't apply, just zero them out. Note that you'll need to input a zero for blank line items as the default dash character will leave your Cash Flow calculation locked up.

Still having trouble getting your Cash Flow calculation unlocked?

Use the blue circle at lower right to drop us a quick note. We'll take a quick look and get back to you with next steps.

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