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Use Bulk Transaction Edits to Save Time
Use Bulk Transaction Edits to Save Time

If you have many similar transactions to update in the same way, use Stessa's powerful search and bulk editing features to get it done fast.

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Stessa's auto-categorization feature works reasonably well, but some transactions inevitably don't have enough descriptive content to be auto-categorized properly. If you have a lot of uncategorized income and expenses to sift through or a similar edit to make across many entries, you'll definitely want to use Stessa's bulk editing features rather than a one-by-one approach.

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Search & Filter, Then Select & Edit

Let's say you have a mortgage payment that goes out monthly. It's always the same amount: $917.52, but your bank doesn't provide a description of the transaction, so Stessa doesn't know to categorize it automatically. You can quickly clean up all instances of this expense at once with the following approach:

   • Visit your Transactions page
   • Use the "All Amounts" filter
   • Set the Minimum and Maximum to "917.52"
   • Check the checkbox in the header row (left of the "Date" column header)
   • Click the "Edit" button (below "Reports") in the upper right corner of the screen
   • Change the Category to "Mortgages & Loans > Mortgage Payments"
   • Click "Save" to update all transactions at once

You can use this same approach to update payer/payee names, dates, categories, and even notes across as many as 50 transactions at once. When used properly, Stessa's bulk editing features can save you a ton of time and hassle.

That said, you can also get yourself into trouble fairly quickly and corrupt a lot of data in a very short amount of time. There's no "undo" or "back" button for bulk edits, so proceed carefully and be sure of the changes you're looking to make before clicking "Save."

Still Having Trouble Cleaning Up Your Transactions?

If you're not able to get Stessa's bulk editing features working for you, or you have suggestions as to how we could make managing transactions even easier, let us know. Use the blue circle at lower right to send us a message.

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