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Stessa for Owners
Stessa for Owners
Set up, understand, and optimize your Stessa account.
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Stessa Rent Collection for Owners
Fill Vacancies with Stessa’s Rental Applications
Schedule E Report Mapping
Need help to track home Projects?
Stessa Pro FAQs
Pick The Right Plan For You
Bank Transfers: Limits, Fees, and Timing (Cash Management)
Stessa Cash Management Accounts FAQ
Recover Deleted Transactions from the Trash
Track Purchases, Sales, and Refinances
How to House Hack with Stessa
Tenant Ledger: Track Charges, Payments & Balances by Tenancy
Stessa Mobile: Reporting On The Go
Your Schedule of Real Estate Owned
Stessa Mobile: Troubleshooting the App
Use Notes Fields for Quick Reference
Logging In to Your Stessa Account
Stessa Mobile: Smart Receipt Scanning for Rental Properties
Understanding Your Rent Roll Report
Connect Stessa to Your Property Manager
Connecting Stessa to Propertyware
Stress Test / Sensitivity Analysis Report
Assigning Transactions & Reporting: Portfolios, Properties, and Units
Rent Estimates
Understanding Your Cash-on-Cash Return
Sold Property Designation
Bank Connections Fact Sheet
Android App: Stessa On The Go
Stessa Demo & Tutorial Videos
iOS Mobile App: Stessa Anywhere
Stessa Categories: Master List
Store Key Documents for Quick Reference
Track Raw Land & Vacant Lots with Stessa
How to Track Capital Expenses
Stessa New Customer FAQ
Split & Categorize Mortgage Payments
Track Short-Term Rentals with Stessa
Use Bulk Transaction Edits to Save Time
Closing Your Stessa Account
Managing External Accounts
Valuation Method: Select & Manage
Stessa Pro Monthly Expenses: Actual & Pro Forma
Mortgages & Loans: Add & Edit
Managing Leases & Tenants in Stessa
Basic Property Details: Add & Edit
Upload Transactions Data (QIF, QFX, OFX, CSV)
Fixing AppFolio Connection Errors
Enter Historical Property Data
Configure Less Than 100% Ownership
Troubleshooting Bank Connections
How to Split, Duplicate, and Merge Transactions
Add / Delete Properties and Manage Portfolios
Connecting Stessa to AppFolio
Linking Your Financial Accounts
Understanding Your Dashboards
The Power of Portfolio Collaborators