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Stessa for Owners
Stessa for Owners

Set up, understand, and optimize your Stessa account.

Need help to track home Projects?
Schedule E Report Mapping
Stessa Rent Collection for Owners
Stessa Cash Management Accounts FAQ
Recover Deleted Transactions from the Trash
Track Purchases, Sales, and Refinances
How to House Hack with Stessa
Tenant Ledger: Track Charges, Payments & Balances by Tenancy
Stessa Mobile: Reporting On The Go
Your Schedule of Real Estate Owned
Stessa Mobile: Troubleshooting the App
Use Notes Fields for Quick Reference
Logging In to Your Stessa Account
Stessa Mobile: Smart Receipt Scanning for Rental Properties
Understanding Your Rent Roll Report
Connect Stessa to Your Property Manager
Connecting Stessa to Propertyware
Stress Test / Sensitivity Analysis Report
Assigning Transactions & Reporting: Portfolios, Properties, and Units
Rent Estimates
Understanding Your Cash-on-Cash Return
Sold Property Designation
Bank Connections Fact Sheet
Android App: Stessa On The Go
Stessa Demo & Tutorial Videos
iOS Mobile App: Stessa Anywhere
Stessa Categories: Master List
Store Key Documents for Quick Reference
Track Raw Land & Vacant Lots with Stessa
How to Track Capital Expenses
Stessa New Customer FAQ
Track Short-Term Rentals with Stessa
Use Bulk Transaction Edits to Save Time
Closing Your Stessa Account
Managing Connected Accounts
Valuation Method: Select & Manage
Stessa Pro Monthly Expenses: Actual & Pro Forma
Mortgages & Loans: Add & Edit
Managing Leases & Tenants in Stessa
Basic Property Details: Add & Edit
Upload Transactions Data (QIF, QFX, OFX, CSV)
Fixing AppFolio Connection Errors
Enter Historical Property Data
Configure Less Than 100% Ownership
Troubleshooting Bank Connections
How to Split, Duplicate, and Merge Transactions
Add / Delete Properties and Manage Portfolios
Connecting Stessa to AppFolio
Linking Your Financial Accounts
Understanding Your Dashboards
The Power of Portfolio Collaborators
Landlord Forms FAQ
DocuSign on Stessa- FAQs
Get more out of Stessa with BiggerPockets Pro
Post Banking Upgrade
Bank Upgrade FAQs
Fill Vacancies with Stessa’s Listings & Applications
Cash Management – updating contact information
Stessa Pro FAQs
Pick the Right Plan for You
Split & Categorize: Mortgage and Escrow Payments