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Track Raw Land & Vacant Lots with Stessa
Track Raw Land & Vacant Lots with Stessa

Add a simple dummy property and then update key details to track unidentified lots and vacant land in your Stessa account.

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If you have atypical real estates assets like farmland, vacant lots, or acreage you can still add them to your Stessa portfolio, even if they don't have official addresses. Keep in mind, however, that some key features like Zestimates, property tax assessments, and photos may not be available.

Follow the simple steps below to add these parcels to your Stessa account...

Step 1: Click “+ Add Property” under the “Properties” link on the main navigation menu.

Step 2: Search for the dummy property, “123 Data Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA." This property will be used as a rough template to get you started. We’ll correct the address and other key details once additional information is provided.

Step 3: Once the address is found, click “Get Property Details” and then  “Add this property to my account.”

Step 4: Include as much relevant information as possible during the property set up process.

Step 5: Once you’ve entered as much information as possible, click the blue circle at lower right once logged in to request that we finish the set up process on the back end. Please provide:

  • The full address (if any)

  • GPS coordinates or Google Maps link

  • Zillow link to the property (if any)

  • Requested display name for this property in Stessa

Once all steps have been completed please allow up to 2 business days for the property to be updated and reflect appropriately. We’ll get back to you shortly with a direct link to the new Property Details page in Stessa.

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