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Lease renewals and vacancies are key opportunities to increase cash flow. Make the most of them with Stessa's Rent Estimate reports.

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Anyone who's published a rental property listing on Craigslist or Zillow knows that getting the asking rent right is both an art and a science. Understanding other vacancies on the market, potential tenants' ability to pay, and the relative positives and negatives of your own unit are all essential steps.

Stessa's new Rent Estimate reports recommend a specific asking rent for your unit, based on an analysis of current listings, recent rent comps, market trends, and neighborhood demographics.

How much do Stessa Rent Estimates cost?

Rent Estimates cost $19.99.

What's inside a Stessa Rent Estimate?

Here's a sample first page of the 4-page Rent Estimate report:

Additional pages of the report include deep dives on each of the following:
 • Rental unit comps by address
 • Full map view of all comps in relation to your property
 • Median rental analysis across the local market
 • 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom trends over the past 5 years
 • 1, 3, and 12-month changes in median rents for the zip code, city, county, and state

Are rent estimates available for every property and unit?

Currently, Stessa Rent Estimates are available for rental units with 1 or more bedrooms and all single-family homes. They're not available for studio units and a few select property addresses, for which there is insufficient market data. To check if there's a report available for one of your properties and/or units, visit your Rent Estimates page.

Questions about Stessa Rent Estimates?

If you have questions about Rent Estimates or our referral program or run into problems with checkout or payment, just click the blue circle at the lower right to open a support conversation.


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