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Stessa Rental Applications

Complete and submit applications for homes you’re interested in renting with Stessa’s Rental Applications

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How to apply

By invitation:

If you’ve been in touch with a landlord about renting from them, you may receive an invitation by email to complete an application for that home.

Here’s what the email looks like:

Via public link:

Alternatively, the landlord may generate a unique link to a given property’s application. If the landlord included an application link in their listing or shared the link with you separately via SMS or email, you can apply without an invitation.

In either case, the application link will lead to a welcome page for the rental property. Be sure that the address on this page matches the property you intend to apply to rent.

Logging in

Stessa uses a secure login software called Auth0 which allows users to access and submit their applications.

If you have not yet completed an application with Stessa, please click on "Sign Up" to create an account.

Be sure to use your correct email as this is where notifications regarding your application status will be directed.

Completing the application form

Once you’ve logged in, simply fill in each section and submit the application. The form is divided into five sections:

  1. Personal information: basic information about you.

  2. Household information: here we ask for household-level information. If you do end up inviting roommates to apply with you, they will not be required to complete this section – only the primary applicant fills this information in.

  3. Co-Applicants: this is your opportunity to invite co-signers and/or roommates to apply with you. This process is outlined in more depth in the section below.

  4. Residence history: we ask for up to three years’ worth of residence history.

  5. Employment information: we ask for all current employment and income sources to be documented here.

Inviting roommates and co-signers

Within the Co-Applicants section of the application, the primary applicant will be able to invite as many roommates as they desire. Simply input the name, email, and phone number of the co-applicant you wish to invite and click Save. This will send your co-applicant an email inviting them to complete the relevant application sections and link them to your application.

Credit report screening

After you’ve submitted your application on Stessa, you will be required to complete a credit report with our partner RentPrep. The invitation to this process will come to your email as soon as you submit your application with Stessa.

The invitation looks like this:

Within the RentPrep flow, you will be required your submit personal information to facilitate the running of the credit report. RentPrep is a team of FCRA Certified Screeners who perform credit and background checks professionally. They are a partner of Stessa & Roofstock as well as many other companies. Learn more about RentPrep here.

This credit report costs $40, plus any additional verifications as requested by the landlord, payment is made by the applicant.

Important to note: An application is not considered “complete” until all of the applicants and co-applicants have submitted their Stessa application and completed their RentPrep credit report.

Awaiting a landlord’s decision

As soon as each applicant has completed their application, we will let the landlord know that they have a new application to review! Within Stessa they will be able to view your application, household information, and credit reports generated from RentPrep (these credit reports will expire after 60 days for your security).

If the landlord elects to move forward with your application, they will reach out to you directly at which time you may talk about the specifics of the tentative lease. At this point, you’ll be on your way to a tenancy at your new home!

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