Your Pro Forma Expenses feed your Property and Portfolio dashboards and, along with your Rent Roll, provide the raw data for calculating your key performance metrics. 

To remove the padlock icon on the "Cash Flow" calculation, you'll need to enter at least four Pro Forma Expense line items to create a meaningful budget. If you don't have four separate line items, just input "Utilities" and/or "Maintenance" as placeholders and zero them out.

Your Pro Forma Expenses card is located on the right side of your Property dashboard, below "Property Notes."

For a true annual budget, enter your best estimates for each key expense category over the next 12 months. If you haven't done any budgeting yet, you can alternatively enter current monthly totals or an average for the past 12 months.

If you've added a mortgage or insurance details, these lines in the Pro Forma Expenses should fill in automatically and show in italics. Property taxes will also auto-populate if Stessa was able to pull them from public records.

To edit a Pro Forma Expense amount or line item name, just click on the field directly and make the desired change. Use the "x" at right to remove lines entirely. If you have very few budgeted expenses, you may need to add a dummy line like "Utilities" or "R&M" and then zero out the amount to get your "Cash Flow" calculation unlocked.

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