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Configure Less Than 100% Ownership
Configure Less Than 100% Ownership

If you own less than 100% of one or more Properties, you can set up your Stessa account to calculate based on your actual percentage.

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Use The "Manage Collaborators" Feature to Set Percentages

If you're a Stessa Pro user, read more about Stessa Pro here, and an investor in a particular Property, Portfolio, or you have partners, you can configure Stessa to show numbers and metrics based on your percentage ownership of the investment.

Navigate to your Properties page and then add as many Portfolios as there are different ownership structures. Then drag and drop your Properties into the appropriate Portfolio buckets.

For each Portfolio for which you own less than 100%, click the "kebab" menu icon in the upper right corner of the Portfolio card. Select "Manage Collaborators." Then click the small dash or the percentage under "Percent Ownership" and enter the correct number.

Now when you return to your Dashboard, you'll see a toggle towards the upper right corner of the screen. Use this to switch the dashboard view from 100% (off/white) to revised numbers that reflect your partial ownership (on/blue).


At its time ownership percentages can only be entered at the portfolio level. If you have different percentages for different properties, you will need to create a portfolio for each property.

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