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Get more out of Stessa with BiggerPockets Pro
Get more out of Stessa with BiggerPockets Pro

Use your BiggerPockets Pro credentials to unlock advanced features like unlimited portfolios and chart history.

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Stessa helps investors put an end to the busy work – automate accounting, monitor property performance, streamline income and expense tracking, and eliminate paperwork. Built by investors for investors.

Unlimited Custom Portfolios

Simplify bookkeeping and accounting. Add all your properties to Stessa, and organize them into portfolios based on ownership structure, type, or however you want to group them. Run reports and track expenses at the portfolio level, and add partners to specific portfolios for easy collaboration.

Unlimited Chart History

Analyze the historical performance of your properties. Monitor key metrics like net cash flow, net worth, and monthly expenses from your Stessa dashboard to see how your portfolio performs over time. Zoom in on the last few months, or check all-time performance to track progress towards meeting your goals.

Schedule of Real Estate Owned

Generate a SREO instantly. Get a high-level summary of your portfolio including debt, equity, and income in just a couple clicks. The SREO is perfect for sharing with lenders or partners.

How do I unlock advanced features?

If you use the same email address for both Bigger Pockets and Stessa, please use the "Continue with BiggerPockets" option on the Stessa log-in page.

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