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Stress Test / Sensitivity Analysis Report
Stress Test / Sensitivity Analysis Report

Use the Stress Test model to run various rent collection scenarios across your Portfolio. Quickly compare results to your cash balances.

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We all know that sometimes tenants can't or simply don't make their contractual rent payments. That's one reason real estate investments generally have higher expected rates of return than AAA-rated bonds.

When financial markets crash or pandemics sweep across the US, recessions or worse will often follow. In tough economic times, you may see a sizable percentage of rent collections across your portfolio start to falter.

Stessa's Stress Test report makes it easy to play out different rent collection scenarios and quickly assess your readiness to weather the storm.

How to Run the Stress Test Report

No special set up is required to run a Stress Test. Just make sure your Pro Forma expense estimates, bank balances, and rent roll data are all accurate in Stessa. Those are the key inputs to the model.

You'll find the Stress Test report available on your Reports page. Just select "Stress Test" from the "Report Type" drop-down menu.

Note that once you "Export as Excel", each Property is included on a separate tab, while the first "Summary" tab rolls everything up into a single view.

Easily Model More Scenarios

Once downloaded, you can continue to play with the Excel model. Yellow cells are variables that can be changed on the fly. The results in the model will update in real-time!

Need Help with Your Stress Test Report?

If you have questions or suggestions about the Stress Test model, use the blue circle at lower right to start a new support conversation.

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