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The Power of Portfolio Collaborators
The Power of Portfolio Collaborators

Invite investors, partners, and collaborators to a portfolio. Manage view/edit permissions across Properties, Portfolios, and Transactions.

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Why Use The "Collaborator" Features?

If your ownership structures include limited partners, investors, or other interested parties, you can share some of your Stessa data with other key people. For example, you can set your spouse up as a Manager, which gives them full access to edit Property details including the Rent Roll and Pro Forma Expenses, as well as view transactions.

How Do I Invite Collaborators?

Navigate to your Properties page and then click on the "kebab" menu (three dots) icon at the far right of the Portfolio name. Then select "Manage collaborators", input the invitee's email address, and select the appropriate type of collaborator (Manager, Editor, or Read Only). See below for more info on collaborator types.

You can enter multiple email addresses at once separated by commas, but only if all will be the same type of collaborator.

Add a short note in the Personal Message section to let your invitee know why you're inviting them to join the Stessa platform.

Before you send an invite, you'll want to be sure your Portfolios are set up to match your ownership structures. Collaborators are always tied to Portfolios, not specific Properties. If you have a different set of investors for each Property, then you'll want to create a new Portfolio for each and then drag and drop each Property into its own Portfolio bucket.

How Do The Various Types of Collaborators Work?


Managers have full access to add new Properties, create and manage Portfolios, edit and delete Property data, and edit (but not delete) Transactions. In other words, Managers have substantial access rights and can do a lot of damage quickly if they don't know what they're doing. Only give the Manager permission to someone you trust to use the Stessa platform carefully. Currently, financial account connections can only be managed by the account holder who initiated the setup. Managers can, however, view, edit and categorize transaction data across the Portfolios to which they've been invited.


Editors have edit rights for all Properties and Transactions in the Portfolio to which they were invited. They can add, edit, and delete basic Property data, as well as add and perform some limited edits to (but not delete) Transactions, change valuation methods, and manage the Dashboard. Editors cannot add new Properties, organize Portfolios, invite Collaborators, or make changes at the account level.

Read Only

Invitees with Read Only access can see everything you can see for the Portfolio to which they were invited, but can't edit or change anything. Read Only Collaborators can see the Portfolio dashboard with key metrics and Property-level details along with read-only access to Transactions. They cannot add new Properties, organize Transactions, or make any account changes.

Why Can't My Partner See All Transactions?

If you have transactions from linked bank accounts or other sources that are not automatically assigned to a Property or Portfolio, your collaborator will not be able to see them on their version of the Transactions ledger. Since collaborators are tied to your Portfolios, not your account overall, they can only see transactions once the transactions have been assigned to a Property (or Portfolio) for which they have collaborator rights.

Keep in mind that if you have bank or mortgage accounts that are used for more than one Property, you don't have to set them to "Import & Review" on your External Accounts page. You can instead link them 1:1 to a Portfolio, which will make them immediately visible to both you and your collaborators. You (or your collaborators) can then assign them to the specific Properties within the Portfolio as desired.

More Questions About Collaborators?

If you have more questions about Collaborators, click the blue circle in the lower right corner of your screen to drop us a quick note. We'll get back to you shortly.

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