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Understanding Your Dashboards
Understanding Your Dashboards

Your Portfolio and Property dashboards provide a quick snapshot of projected results.

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Managing Your Investments

Stessa's dashboards are designed to help you take a step back and appreciate the big picture. When you're doing everything from mowing the lawn to cashing rent checks, it's easy to lose sight of what really matters. Even when you hire a full-time property manager, it can be hard to know whether your property is generating as much free cash flow as you expect.

Stessa crunches the numbers and tracks key metrics so you can spend less time in Excel and more time optimizing performance. You'll find that you make better property-level decisions when you prioritize your efforts to improve key investment metrics.

Getting Started with Dashboards

Your dashboards are currently configured to compute essential measures using current month transactions, property valuations, and account balances.

Understanding The "Portfolio" Dashboard

Your Portfolio Dashboard rolls up data from all Properties in the Portfolio and calculates metrics accordingly.

Net Cash Flow

Here is a comprehensive breakdown of your income and expenses for the current month, as well as the total amount of transactions that are yet to be categorized.

Net Worth

This is the sum of market values, outstanding loan balances, and cash on hand. This is the net worth of your real estate portfolio.

Cash on Cash Return

The cash-on-cash return accurately reflects the investment performance by considering the cash flow, actual cash investment, and the effects of debt and capital expenses. Learn more about cash on cash, here.

Understanding The "Property" Dashboard

The Property-level Dashboard looks a bit different than the Portfolio Dashboard. Let's take a detailed look:

On the property dashboard's top row, you will find essential information about the property. This includes the complete address, date of acquisition, acquisition price, vacancy, total number of units, and the number of documents associated with the property.

Net Cash Flow by Month

This chart presents factual data extracted from the Transactions page, categorized and assigned to properties accordingly. The categories on the right can be toggled on and off, allowing for a more thorough evaluation of the property's performance. Pro users can also utilize the funnel menu at the top right of the page to filter the chart by custom date ranges.

Valuation Over Time

With the Valuation Over Time card, you can view the growth of your property's valuation since its purchase. The funnel menu is located at the top right to filter the card by custom date ranges. Additionally, the kebab (three-dot) menu enables you to update the valuation for more precise tracking purposes.

Monthly Expenses (Pro)

For professional users, it is possible to compare the spending within each category for the current month with the proforma budget. To edit the proforma budget, simply click on the Kebab menu (three dots) located at the top right corner of the card.

Projects (Pro)

As a Pro user, you now have the option to categorize your expenses by Projects, which includes capital expense work. Additionally, you can track the actual cost in comparison to the budget.

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