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Android App: Stessa On The Go
Android App: Stessa On The Go

Get the Stessa Android app for quick and easy receipt scanning, transaction management, and dashboard updates.

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Stessa's mobile app for Android is available for install on your devices:

Get the Stessa Android mobile app

If you're on iOS, download the iOS app > instead.

Smarter Receipt Scanning

Keeping track of paper receipts has been a challenge for rental property owners for decades. Get rid of your shoebox filing system and start scanning receipts and invoices with Stessa's mobile app. Just point and click and Stessa will parse the receipt data, create a new expense entry, and categorize it for you.

If the scanned receipt happens to match an existing transaction already in your account, Stessa will even merge the data for you!

Manage Transactions from Anywhere

Stessa's Android app makes it easy to quickly pull up your entire income and expense history while you're out and about. Reference key pieces of information, verify rent received, and categorize remaining transactions whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

See Updated Dashboards & Metrics

Check out your latest metrics via the Android app dashboard views. See current property valuations, projected net operating income, and mortgage balances with just a few clicks.

Android Feedback

If you have feedback regarding our new Android app, please post it to the Android App 2020 thread on the Stessa Community Forum.

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