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Troubleshooting Bank Connections
Troubleshooting Bank Connections

Linked bank accounts are the best way to get your data into Stessa and to keep it current going forward. Get connected and stay connected!

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If you haven't yet tried to set up an initial data connection, first visit Linking Your Financial Accounts for step-by-step instructions.

If you've landed here after an unsuccessful attempt to connect or refresh a bank account, then read on.

We'll be the first to acknowledge that establishing and maintaining secure data connections between your Stessa account and various external banks, mortgages, credit cards, and property managers can be a bit finicky sometimes. Stessa uses a third-party called Yodlee to facilitate these secure connections to thousands of US-based banks, credit unions, and lenders. Every bank has its own security procedures, challenge questions, and transaction data protocols, which change constantly.

Blank Screen After Selecting Your Bank

If you're seeing a blank screen after selecting your bank, you'll likely need to enable third party cookies in your browser settings to resolve the issue. You may then need to close and restart your browser before giving the connection another try. Once your bank is connected, you can revert to your original cookies settings if you like.

For Chrome, navigate to Chrome > Preferences > Advanced > Content Settings > Cookies and then make sure "Block third-party cookies" is set to off.

For Safari, navigate to Safari > Preferences > Privacy and then make sure "Always allow" is selected under "Cookies and website data."

Successful Connection but No Accounts Found

If you see a success message alongside an indication that no accounts could be found in the allotted time, it's likely that your login credentials are correct but some form of additional information is missing. This is by far the most common bank linking error and it can most often be resolved by logging into your bank or credit union directly. Once logged in, make sure every single piece of personal information (email, mailing address, phone number, etc.) is correct and up to date. Also be sure to confirm that all security and challenge questions are complete and accurate.

Log out from your bank, return to Stessa, and use this secure link to try the connection again.


No Data Imported or Persistent "Fix It" Error

If your existing bank connection shows an error state even after going through the "Fix It" process, you can sometimes do a manual refresh of the account. Click the small gear icon at far right of the bank name and then select "Refresh Account."

Follow the prompts, enter security questions if asked, and then give the connection some time to refresh. Get yourself some coffee or tea while you wait because the refresh can sometimes take a few minutes to resolve.

If your account still shows the same "Fix It" error after the refresh, please use the blue circle in the lower right corner to drop us a quick note. We'll investigate your issue and get back to you with next steps.


Still Having Trouble Linking an Account?

Click on the blue circle in the lower right corner of the screen to drop us a quick note. We'll get back to you shortly with next steps.

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