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Basic Property Details: Add & Edit
Basic Property Details: Add & Edit

Use the small gear icon in the right corner of the "Property Details" card to update financials, switch photos, and perform other key tasks.

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Stessa is designed with a minimalist approach to the presentation of information. This ensures that only the most relevant and important data finds its way to your Property and Portfolio dashboards. But don't let appearances fool you. Underneath the clean design lurks a powerful and comprehensive web of interconnected data that's easy to update once you know how to do it.

Edit Basic Property Details & Financials

If you need to update basic property info like Property Type, Square Feet, Year built, Neighborhood, and Lot Size, navigate to your Property Details page by clicking on any thumbnail photo via your Properties page.

Scroll down and click the small gear icon on your Property Details page. Then select, "Edit Property Details."

To change acquisition details like purchase price and date, click the same small gear icon, then select, "Edit Financials."

Edit Beds/Baths

To edit the number of Beds/Baths, you will need to visit the Leases & Tenants page and click on the number to open the edit field. Once the desired number is entered simply click out of the box to save the update.

Add & Update Property Photos

If you're not enthralled with the building photos Stessa auto-populated for a particular property, you can edit the order, delete, and add your own. To do this, click the same small gear icon to the right of the words, "Property Details" on your Property dashboard. Then select, "Add/Edit Property Photos."

Updating Property Names & Addresses

To edit the display address or give a Property a nickname instead of an address. Simply click on the small pencil icon located on the property page. An "Edit Property Nickname" window will appear where you can edit the nickname.

To edit the Portfolio name, you will need to visit the Properties page and simply click on the portfolio name to open the edit field. Once the portfolio name has been updated click out of the box to save the edit.

Note that this will not change the original unique address that Stessa uses to match this Property to public records. If Stessa is pulling the wrong info for a particular Property because of a mismatched address, it's usually best to remove it entirely and add the correct property from scratch.

Having trouble editing or updating something?

Use the blue circle icon at the lower right to drop us a quick note. We'll get back to you shortly.

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