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Store Key Documents for Quick Reference
Store Key Documents for Quick Reference

Use Stessa's Documents feature to store, organize, and find important real estate documents related to your rental property portfolio.

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It's easy to securely upload and store leases, mortgages, settlement statements, purchase and sale contracts, and other key real estate documents in your Stessa account. It's a great way to get organized and then quickly look up important details like a lease provision, mortgage clause, or closing date.

All Documents Welcome

You can upload any kind of document by simply dragging it into the drop zone available via the Documents tab in Stessa. If you select a Property or Portfolio from the drop-down menu at the top first, the uploaded document will automatically be assigned to your selection.

You can then categorize it according to the closest match available. Note that while you cannot create your own categories for Documents, you're welcome to use the blue circle at lower right of the screen to reach out and request a new category.

Once uploaded, Documents can easily be found via the keyword search function or by sorting by property or category. If you have lots of documents, use the "Notes" field to add unique custom keywords for easy search retrieval later. Click the thumbnail image to open a copy of the document in your browser for a closer look.

Forward Documents via Email:

If you have real estate documents in email attachments, getting them into your Stessa account is as easy as forwarding them to Just hit send for as many files as you like and you'll see the attached documents appear on your Documents tab in Stessa a few moments later.

Use the Checklist for Ideas

The checklist at the bottom of the Documents page will automatically update as you upload and categorize files. It's not intended as an exhaustive list but rather a source of ideas and inspiration related to the kinds of real estate documents you might want to upload, store, and organize. Feel free to ignore categories that don’t apply to your situation. For example, if you’re a cash investor, don’t worry about storing Mortgage documents since you're lucky enough not to have any!

What's Next for Documents

Secure document storage is a relatively new Stessa feature and additional functionality is planned soon, including better integration into other parts of Stessa like the Rent Roll and Dashboards. We're also working on auto-categorization to make uploading even easier.

If you have additional ideas or suggestions as to how we can make the Documents feature even better, please use Community Wishlist to search for existing ideas and/or add your own suggestions.

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