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Stessa Mobile: Troubleshooting the App
Stessa Mobile: Troubleshooting the App

If you're having trouble with receipt scanning, bank accounts, reports, or just about anything else on the mobile app, try these fixes.

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Stessa's iOS and Android mobile apps are powerful companions to the fully-featured web platform. While the mobile versions don't support every Stessa feature, they are fairly robust. In fact, receipt scanning is only supported on the mobile app. If you run into problems with the mobile app, try these steps to get back on track.

Update Your App Version

If you're using an older version of the Stessa mobile app, you're more likely to run into issues and it can be more difficult to resolve errors. Make sure you're running the most up-to-date version of the app by taking the following action:

On iOS, visit the App Store on your mobile device and search for "Stessa." Click through to get to the Stessa listing. If you see a button that says "Update," click it to get the latest release. The most current version of the iOS app is 1.4.19.

On Android, visit the Google Play Store, click "Apps," and then search for "Stessa." Click through to get to the Stessa listing. If you see a button that says "Update," click it to get the latest release. The most current version of the Android app is 1.02.03.

Turn on Automatic App Updates

Enabling automatic updates is the most efficient way to make sure you're always running the latest version of the mobile app. This setting is generally available at the device level. Make sure automatic updates are turned on and you'll be among the first to get the latest app releases.

Close & Restart the App

The Stessa mobile app is configured for both convenience and security. While a single login may last multiple sessions over several days, this can sometimes lead to a few crossed wires. If you're seeing unexpected app behaviors, close out the app and restart your session with a fresh login. This simple step will often resolve whatever problems you might be experiencing.

Problems with Receipt Scans

A successful receipt scan should result in a green check mark and then a resulting new transaction or the receipt being attached to an existing matching transaction. Stessa will auto-fill as much information as possible, including date, amount, vendor, category, etc., but not all fields will be successfully parsed on every receipt.

If you see the "processing" progress bar bouncing back and forth and then nothing seems to happen, please reach out to support and "Send us a message." Let us know what version of the app you're running and what you experienced. We'll take a look and get back to you with next steps.

Viewing Reports on Mobile

The Income Statement and Net Cash Flow reports are currently viewable in-app and the data tables include clickable shortcuts to your Transactions page. All other reports (Balance Sheet, CapEx, etc.) are currently only viewable on mobile as PDF or Excel files.

Managing Transactions on Mobile

While your full Transactions ledger is available and searchable on the mobile app, some transaction tools like Split and Merge are not yet supported on mobile. You can, however, attach photos or receipts, edit amounts, categorize, assign Property or Unit, and delete transactions directly with the mobile app. This gives you a powerful tool to keep your data in order and reference key information while you're on the go.

Reach Out for Help as Needed

If you're having trouble with something else related to the mobile app, reach out to us by tapping the "Support & Help" menu option. Then tap "Send us a message" and we'll look into your issue.

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