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Need help to track home Projects?
Need help to track home Projects?

Use the new Projects tool keep track of capital expenses and home improvement projects.

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With Stessa Pro, you can now track capital expenses and home improvement projects using Stessa's new Projects Card. You can read more about Stessa Pro here.

How do you set up a Project?

1) From the Dashboard click "+Add Project" on the Projects card.

2) Enter all details available.

  • Note: You may not have the "Date Place in Service" date at the moment, you can leave it blank and fill in when the date becomes more apparent.

3) Once the details are saved the project will appear in the Projects card on the Dashboard.

How do you assign transactions to the Project?

When creating a new transaction the "Project" assignment menu will appear below the "Property" field.

How do you assign old transactions to a Project?

For individual transactions, click on the small pencil icon to open the edit transactions pop-up.

Once the pop-up is available the Project assignment will appear below the Property field. Select the appropriate Project and then click Save.

If you have multiple transactions that need to be assigned to a project you can utilize the "Bulk Edit" function on the Transactions page to assign multiple transactions to the project at once.

Simply click on the check box next to the appropriate transactions and then select Edit on the top right of the page. An edit pop-up will appear that will allow you to select a project for the selected transactions.

How can I see what transactions are used to calculate the Project's Total Expenses?

You can view which transactions are being used by hovering over the project amount and clicking on the blue pop-out icon. This icon will direct you to a filtered Transactions page specific to the transactions assigned to the project.

What should I do when the project is complete?

Don't forget to turn on the "Mark as Completed" toggle when the project is completed by clicking the small pencil icon, turning the toggle on, and then clicking Save in the fly-out menu.

How do I delete a Project?

You can delete the project by clicking the small edit pencil icon and selecting "Delete Project" in the fly-out menu.

Note: Transactions associated with the project will not be deleted.

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