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Add / Delete Properties and Manage Portfolios
Add / Delete Properties and Manage Portfolios

Stessa Pro subscribers can use Portfolios to consolidate dashboards and manage Collaborators.

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How to Add A New Property

Adding a new Property to your existing Stessa account is easy. Just click on "Properties" in the left navigation bar and then click "+ Add Another Property." If you have multiple Portfolios set up, Stessa will prompt you to select which Portfolio you'd like to add this new Property to before proceeding. Then simply start typing the new property address and select the match from the results list.

Follow the prompts to successfully onboard the new Property.

Organize Your Properties into Portfolios

Once you've added all of your investment Properties, you'll want to arrange them into logical Portfolios in order to better manage your Dashboards and share data with partners and investors. If you are a Stessa Pro user, you can add an unlimited number of Portfolios. You can read more about Stessa Pro here. Stessa Essentials users are limited to one (1) Portfolio. To manage Portfolios, stay on the Properties page.

Stessa assigns you a single Portfolio by default, which contains all Properties and corresponds to your main Dashboard. To set up a new Portfolio, just click on "+ Add Another Portfolio" at the bottom of the page. You can then click on the name to edit the title. Populate your new Portfolio by dragging and dropping Properties onto the new Portfolio card. Grab a Property by clicking on the small grid to the left of the thumbnail photo.

Once you have your Properties arranged into the appropriate Portfolios, you can visit your Settings > Portfolios page and use the "+" next to your initials to invite partners and investors to view/edit data. Keep in mind that collaborators are set at the Portfolio level, not the Property level. If you have a number of different deal structures with various partners and investors, you'll want to organize your Portfolios accordingly. If every Property has a different investor that you'd like to invite to use Stessa, you'll want to set up a separate Portfolio for each Property.

Portfolio Dashboards

Now that you have multiple Portfolios, you'll notice that clicking on "Dashboard" at the top of the left navigation bar takes you to a Dashboard that rolls up all Properties in all Portfolios into a single view. This is a great way to get a feel for what's happening across the entirety of your holdings.

To drill down, you can see Dashboards for each Portfolio by using the pick-list next to "Dashboard for..." You can see Dashboards for each Property by clicking on the Property address.

How to Delete A Property

To permanently remove a Property from your Stessa account, navigate to the Properties page, hover your cursor over the Property to delete, and then click the small kebab menu (three dots) can at the far right of the Property you'd like to remove. You'll be asked to type the word "DELETE" to confirm this action, you may need to scroll to manually enter "DELETE". Keep in mind that when you delete a Property, we also delete all transaction data associated with that property, so only proceed with this step if you're 100% sure you won't need to access the data in the future.

If you've simply sold a property, just designate it as "sold."

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