Keeping your Rent Rolls current is a key component of the budgeting process and will go a long ways towards ensuring your Property and Portfolio dashboards are accurate. The schedule of rents from the Leases & Tenants page is what Stessa uses to populate the Income calculations on your Property and Portfolio dashboards.

Where's the Rent Roll?

The Rent Roll is located on the Leases & Tenants page, and is organized by Portfolio and then Property.

How Do I Edit the Rent Roll?

You can update unit numbers, rents, deposits, move-in dates, lease expirations, and more directly by clicking on the field you want to update.

To add new units to the Rent Roll, just click the small gear icon in the right corner and select "Add Unit." To add projected income from parking or laundry, use the same gear icon and select "Add Other Income."

To do more detailed editing and/or delete a line, place your cursor over the line you want to edit. Then click the blue edit button that appears at far right to open up the detailed input screen. That's where you'll also find the delete button, which will remove a lease/tenant from your Rent Roll.

Note that we're currently developing a more detailed Rent Roll feature that will allow you to preserve historical lease/rent data by unit. Currently, when a tenant moves out and new one moves in or a unit becomes vacant, it's best to simply overwrite the existing data for that unit directly in the Rent Roll.

What If I Do Short-Term Rentals?

If your Property is set up primarily as a short-term vacation rental, we recommend switching your Rent Roll for the property over to "Short-Term Rentals." To do this, just click on "Long-Term Rentals" at upper right, and then select "Short-Term Rentals" instead.

Visit the Support Center to learn more about how to Track Short-Term Rentals with Stessa.

Still have questions about the Rent Roll?

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