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Understanding Your Rent Roll Report
Understanding Your Rent Roll Report

Sometimes you want to see all your units, leases, and tenants on a single page. The Rent Roll report is the best way.

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Keeping close tabs on occupancy across your portfolio is table stakes for most rental property investors. That's why Stessa makes it easy to see everything in one place.

Once you've set up your Leases & Tenants page to reflect the current status of each property, run a Rent Roll Report to generate a clean one-page summary that you can use to double-check your data and then share with lenders, partners, or anyone else.

What's Included on the Rent Roll?

The Rent Roll report includes:

  • Unit Name/Number

  • Bed & Bath Count

  • Square Footage

  • Current Tenant Name

  • Monthly Rent Amount

  • Security Deposit Amount

  • Move-In Date

  • Lease Start Date

  • Lease Expiration Date

This report is organized by Portfolio, with a single "Total" line at the bottom that shows consolidated totals across all holdings. Occupancy percentage is also calculated and shown on the "Total" line.

Key Uses for the Rent Roll Report

You can generate either a PDF or Excel version of your Rent Roll report, depending on your intended use. When you want to your Rent Roll exactly as it's set up in Stessa, the PDF is quick and easy. If you need to make a few edits or tweaks before sending it along to your lender or another interested party, download the Excel version for more flexibility.

Need Help with Your Rent Roll Report?

If you have questions or suggestions about the Rent Roll report, use the blue circle at lower right to start a new support conversation. If there's something you'd like to see added to this report, please use the Wishlist.

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