Sold Properties on Stessa

It's easy to let Stessa know that you've sold a particular property and it's no longer part of your overall portfolio. Simply check the sold box in the same place where you inputted the acquisition price and date.

Here's how:

     1.  Visit your Properties page
     2. Click the thumbnail image for the sold property
     3. Click the small "edit" icon next to the acquisition price at the top
     4. Check the box next to "This property has been sold"
     5. Enter sale date and final contract price

That's it!

All relevant rent rolls, tenant data, documents, and transactions will be preserved, but you'll no longer see any data from sold properties included in your dashboards.

Eventually, we'll also support final close-out reporting to help you understand how the investment performed from start to finish. You can contribute your ideas to these sold property reports in the Community Forum.


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