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Use Notes Fields for Quick Reference
Use Notes Fields for Quick Reference

Stessa supports free-form "Notes" at the tenant, unit, and property level. Use them in specific ways to keep key details at your fingertips.

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I personally use the Stessa mobile app multiple times per day to pull up key pieces of information on my rental properties. By populating the various "Notes" sections with important info like vendor phone numbers, water and electric service account numbers, and trash pick-up days, I always know where to go for quick answers. You too can take advantage of this important hidden feature in Stessa.

Start with Property Notes

Property-level "Notes" are available on the Property Details page, below the Valuation widget. To access the Property Details page, navigate to your Properties page and click the thumbnail image for any Property.

To add to your free-form "Property Notes" just click the small gray edit button near the upper right corner of the widget. This will bring up an edit modal, into which you can add your key info and notes for reference.

Pro Tip: "Note" that Stessa's notes features support Markdown formatting. Use this flexible syntax to enrich your text with bold, italics, line breaks, and even links to other websites. Use the Markdown Cheatsheet for reference and instructions.

Here's an example Property Notes input with Markdown formatting:

Here's what the Property Notes and Markdown syntax above produces as a final product on your Stessa Property Details dashboard:

Layer in Unit-Level Notes

A similar Notes field is also available for each specific Unit at a Property. To add unit-level Notes, visit your Leases & Tenants page. Click directly on the "Unit Notes" field and type your notes directly. This Notes field does not support Markdown syntax and is text-only, no formatting.

This field is really useful for tracking unit-specific details like when the kitchen was last renovated, when the water heater was replaced, and anything else that runs with the unit instead of the property or tenancy.

Finish with Tenancy Notes

You can also add notes for each tenant, by visiting the tenant details page. This is also accessed via your Leases & Tenants page. Just click on the tenant name to pull up further details. Then use the "Tenancy Notes" field located below the "Tenants" section, which includes Name, Phone Number, and Email Address. This Notes field also does not support Markdown syntax and is text-only, no formatting.

Use this Notes section to keep track of key details for this tenant. Maybe they have a dog named R2 or a young daughter whose name you'd like to remember for future conversations.

Notes + Mobile App = Answers from Anywhere

Once you've populated your various Notes sections, get the mobile app for iOS (4.8

⭐︎) or Android (4.9 ⭐︎) so you can quickly look up key account numbers or contact info from anywhere. Watch the video below to see how Notes work on mobile:

Having Trouble with Notes?

Open a new support conversation by clicking on the blue circle at lower right once you're logged into Stessa. We'll take a look and get back to you.

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