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Stessa Mobile: Reporting On The Go
Stessa Mobile: Reporting On The Go

Stessa's full suite of financial reports are available on the mobile app, with a few slight differences from the web platform.

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While spreadsheets are easier to navigate on a desktop or laptop computer versus a mobile device, sometimes you just need to look something up quickly or send a report to a partner. The good news is that Stessa's financial reports are mobile-optimized for smaller screens in the iOS and Android apps.

All Reports Supported on Mobile

When you're using the mobile app, all your reports are just a few taps away. Use the main navigation menu to select "Reports" and then use the drop-down menu at the top to choose your flavors.

Income Statement & Net Cash Flow Report

The Income Statement and Net Cash Flow reports render directly on-screen in the app and support horizontal scrolling to view columns hidden at far right. Both of these reports also feature shortcuts to transactions data. Just tap any non-zero figure in either report to see the underlying transactions. This is a great way to comb your data for missing data and incorrectly categorized line items. It can also be helpful in understanding why one month's expenses are unexpectedly high or why a given month's reported income is lower than usual.

Here's a quick video of how it works:

Balance Sheet, CapEx, and More

Other reports, including Balance Sheet, Rent Roll, General Ledger, Capital Expenses, Tax Package, and Stress Test are available on mobile as a PDF document or Excel file download. Either file type can then be opened on your mobile device for viewing, editing, etc.

If you don't already have the Excel mobile app, download it for iOS or Android. The Rent Roll and Stress Test reports in particular are much more useful when opened as Excel files. You can then tweak them as needed for your specific purposes or audience.

PDFs are generally easy to view on your mobile device and they can also be shared or forwarded to partners, spouses, or anyone else who might be interested in how your properties are performing. If you're having trouble opening PDF files on your mobile device, get Acrobat Reader for iOS or Android.

Trouble with Reports on Mobile?

If you're still having problems viewing, downloading, or otherwise navigating Stessa's mobile reporting features, reach out and let us know. Just use the main navigation menu to select "Support and Help." Then tap "Send a message," and we'll get back to you.

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