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Connecting Stessa to AppFolio
Connecting Stessa to AppFolio

If your property manager uses AppFolio, Stessa can import your income and expense transactions automatically every month.

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Note: If your PM uses Propertyware, check out the separate help article:
Connecting Stessa to Propertyware >

There's no reason to manually enter transactions in Stessa if your property manager is already entering them in AppFolio. Just connect Stessa to AppFolio and import them seamlessly! If your PM is using something other than AppFolio or Propertyware, you can log your request for new integrations via the community forum.

Make Sure Your AppFolio Owner Portal is Enabled

If you've hired a property manager there's a good chance they're using AppFolio to keep track of work orders, rent payments, and expenses. If so, your property manager will need to enable your Owner Portal and invite you to sign up for Owner Portal access. If they haven't already done this or you don't yet have an AppFolio login, reach out to your property manger directly. Ask them to enable the Owner Portal and send you an invite.

More info regarding setting up the Owner Portal is available here:

Stessa Will Only Import the "Owner Statement" Report

Your PM must publish the common "Owner Statement" report to the AppFolio owner portal in order for Stessa to import transactions data from AppFolio. This is the only report Stessa can parse. If you're seeing an "Action Required" or "No Reports Found" error on your Data Sources page next to an AppFolio account, it's probably because your PM has not published an "Owner Statement" report.

Clean Up Your Property Addresses in AppFolio

Stessa's connection to AppFolio works best when the property address in Stessa closely matches the property address in AppFolio. If your property manager has entered a nickname or an incomplete address for a property in AppFolio, ask them to input the actual address before trying to connect your Stessa account to AppFolio.

Link Your Stessa Account to AppFolio

To establish a new connection between Stessa and AppFolio, navigate to your External Accounts page and then click the "+ Add Property Manager" button. Under "Owner Portal," enter the full web address of your AppFolio Owner Portal. It should begin with, "" Then enter your AppFolio login credentials. Hit "Continue" and give Stessa a few moments to establish a connection and figure out which property addresses from your Stessa account have a match on AppFolio.

You may then need to match specific Stessa properties to each address returned by AppFolio. If AppFolio returned addresses that you haven't yet set up on Stessa, just leave those connections blank for now. You may want to connect them later once you've set up your entire portfolio on Stessa.

Refreshing and Troubleshooting Appfolio

If Stessa hasn't imported new transactions for more than a couple weeks, you may see a red "Action Required" or "Two-Factor Auth Required" notice next to your account links under Data Sources. Nearly all Appfolio connections require you to refresh your two-factor authentication (2FA) every 30 days. To refresh the connection, just click on the "Fix It" link and follow the prompts.

Still Having Trouble with Your PM Connection?

Use the blue circle at lower right of this screen to send us a message. We'll investigate and get back to you shortly!

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