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Connecting Stessa to Propertyware
Connecting Stessa to Propertyware

If your property manager uses Propertyware for reporting, Stessa can automatically import your transactions in real-time.

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There's no reason to manually enter transactions in Stessa if your property manager is already reporting them via Propertyware. Just add your Propertyware credentials to Stessa and your income and expenses will import seamlessly!

If your PM is using something other than AppFolio or Propertyware, use the forum Wishlist to vote for your preferred PM integration.

Clean Up Your Property Addresses in Propertyware

Stessa's connection to Propertyware works best when the property address in Stessa closely matches the property address in Propertyware. If your property manager has entered a nickname or an incomplete address for a property in Propertyware, ask them to input the actual address before trying to connect your Stessa account to Propertyware.


Start by Entering Your Credentials

To establish your Propertyware connection, simply visit your External Accounts page and click the "+ Add Property Manager" button. Next, enter the full URL where you typically login to Propertyware (it should end with ".../owner.action"), along with your username and password.

If successful, you should then see a "Refreshing" indicator, which means Stessa is fetching data from your Propertyware account. The indicator will refresh every 30 seconds until it's finished. In the meantime, you can navigate away from the page and complete other tasks if you like.

Once finished, you should start to see data populating on your Transactions page. If you have a lot of data to import, it can sometimes take up to 5 minutes (or longer), so please be patient.

If you're still not seeing new transactions after 24 hours, open a support conversation by clicking on the blue circle at lower right. We'll take a look and get it sorted out for you.


Refreshing and Troubleshooting the Connection

If Stessa hasn't imported new transactions for more than a couple weeks, you may see a red "Action Required" notice next to your Propertyware account. To refresh the connection, just click on the small gear icon at the far right side of your property management company name. Then click "Refresh Account" and follow the prompts until the link is fixed.

Still Having Trouble with Your Propertyware Connection?

Use the blue circle at lower right of this screen to send us a message. We'll investigate and get back to you shortly!

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