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Linking Your Financial Accounts
Linking Your Financial Accounts

Connect bank, credit card, mortgage, and property management accounts. Import and categorize transactions in real-time for easy reporting.

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Link Accounts to Automate Tracking

Stessa is designed to connect seamlessly to your existing financial accounts, including bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, and property managers that use AppFolio or Propertyware. Once you link an account, Stessa automatically imports and then auto-categorizes your transactions.

When your transactions are in order, you can run key reports like an Income Statement and Net Cash Flow report. You can also generate tax-ready financials to share with your CPA, based on categorized transactions for a given calendar year.

We use Yodlee/Envestnet for all of our third-party financial account connections so your credentials are never seen or stored by Stessa. The connection is a one-way data import and nothing you do in Stessa will change or impact your actual financial accounts in any way. Yodlee is trusted by millions of businesses and consumers and takes security very seriously.

How To Link a Bank Account/Credit Card

To connect a bank or credit card account to Stessa, navigate to your Connected Accounts page and click on the "+ Add Bank" button at upper right. Type the name of your financial institution slowly in the search box and then select the best match from the list of similar site names. If you have a business account instead of a personal account, you may need to select the "business" version of the institution name if it's available.

Enter your online login credentials, follow the prompts through any required security questions, and then give the system some time to authenticate and establish a secure connection.

If you have multiple accounts at the same institution, you'll want to set accounts without relevant property transactions to "Exclude from Stessa." If you have an account that's used for more than one property, link it at the Portfolio level or set it to "Import & Review." Finally, any accounts dedicated to a single rental property should be linked directly to the relevant Property to save you from having to assign transactions one by one.

Once connected, it will likely take some time for Stessa to import transaction data. Your page may not show live data immediately and it can take up to 24 hours for the initial batch of transactions to populate.

How To Link a Mortgage Account

To set up a new mortgage account link, navigate to your Connected Accounts page and click the "+ Add Bank" button. Type the name of your lender in the search box or select it from the list of common sites. Enter your online login credentials and then give it some time to authenticate and establish a secure connection.

Unfortunately, not all lenders will provide transaction details on mortgage accounts. Sometimes only the current balance is available. If you don't see transactions populating after successfully establishing a connection with your lender, you can open a support ticket to specifically request this additional feature. We'll then ask Yodlee to develop additional support for your particular lender, which may or may not be possible.

How To Link a Property Management Account

Stessa supports automatic data imports from PMs that post transactions via AppFolio and Propertyware. If your PM uses another software system, direct access to your data is not currently supported but you're welcome to log your request via the community forum.

To set up a new property management link, navigate to your Connected Accounts page and click on the "+ Add Property Manager" button. Detailed instructions from this point forward are available for both AppFolio and Propertyware via separate help articles.

Manage Your Account Links via "External Accounts"

Once you've successfully linked a bank, credit card, mortgage, property management, or other accounts to Stessa, you'll need to make sure each external account is associated with one or more Properties. To associate financial accounts with Properties, navigate to your Connected Accounts page and make one of the following selections for each account:

          1. Link directly to a property
          2. Set to "Import & Review," if used for more than one property
          3. Set to "Exclude from Stessa" if it's not relevant to your portfolio

"Stop Importing" is to be used when you no longer want to import new data from a particular account but do want to preserve all existing transactions from the account.

Most Common Bank Linking Problems & Errors

Use "Business" Pick List Choice for Business Accounts
Many financial institutions are shown in the bank pick list two or more times with separate selections for business accounts, investment accounts, etc. Make sure you are selecting the most specific instance of your financial institution. Errors frequently occur when you have a business account but try to connect to the regular/personal version of the institution.

Connection Errors or No Transactions Found
If you get an error or your account appears to connect but then delivers no transaction data after 24 hours, please do NOT delete the connection. Open a support conversation via the blue circle at the lower right and we'll investigate the error. 

You'll have the best odds of a successful resolution if you leave the original broken connection in place so we can troubleshoot it efficiently. Removing broken or slow connections and starting over can result in duplicate data, multiple account links, and a tangled web that will take much longer to unwind and repair.

If you got an error the first time, you'll likely get the same error again anyways!

Successful Connection but No Accounts Found
This is by far the most common bank linking error and it can most often be resolved by logging into your institution directly and verifying that your credentials are valid, all security questions and personal info are up to date, and that there are no pop-up windows or requests for more information pending from your bank.

Once completed, return to Stessa and use this secure link to try the connection again.

Blank Screen After Selecting Your Bank?
If you're seeing a blank screen after selecting your bank, you'll likely need to enable third party cookies in your browser settings to resolve the issue. You may then need to close and restart your browser before giving the connection another try. Once your bank is connected, you can revert to your original cookies settings if you like.

For Chrome, navigate to Chrome > Preferences > Advanced > Content Settings > Cookies and then make sure "Block third-party cookies" is set to off.

For Safari, navigate to Safari > Preferences > Privacy and then make sure "Always allow" is selected under "Cookies and website data."

Still Having Trouble Linking an Account?

Sometimes valid credentials will nonetheless return a result of "0" accounts. Other times, the data connection might show some, but not all, of the accounts you have with a particular financial institution. The reasons for this vary and we'll probably need to investigate your particular situation to figure out the best way forward.

Click on the blue circle in the lower right corner of the screen to drop us a quick note. We'll get back to you shortly with next steps.

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